Flowable Low Strength Material

Flo Fil Company is the exclusive supplier of Flo Fil-the ideal material for the backfilling of construction excavations and structural fills.

What is Flowable Fill?
Flowable fill (Controlled Low-Strength Material / CLSM) was initially developed over 20 years ago as a solution to reoccurring problems originating from poorly compacted soil or granular fill. Flowable fill mixtures are comprised of fly ash, water and cement. Over the past decade, extensive research and technology advancement with flowable fill mixtures has led to its use in numerous applications. These include bedding and backfill for utility trenches, paving subbase, bridge abutment and retaining wall backfill. Recent laws passed by the Environmental Protection Agency concerning below-grade fuel tanks have resulted in an increased use of flowable fill in other void-filling applications such as abandoned tanks, basements, tunnels and mines, sewers, and other underground structures.

Flowable fills are engineered and manufactured backfills that can have a specified compressive strength of 1200 psi at 28 days (ACI Committee 229). If future excavation is desired, however, the compressive strength should be 150 psi or less. Flowable fills are self-leveling, liquid-like materials, and self-compacting to 95-100% of the maximum unit weight. Benefits of flowable fills include limited required labor, accelerated construction, ready placement at inaccessible locations, and the ability to be manually re-excavated. Some of the applications include: abandoned sewers, tunnels and tanks-filled and left in place, annular void fill for tunnel projects, structural fills-provides bearing capacity much higher than compacted sand and eliminates problems due to settlement, inaccessible areas-pumps like water, street excavations-eliminates settling of road surface while allowing for re-excavation, backfilling against unsupported walls-reduces any lateral forces against walls, voids from rubble filled areas-flows around and through rubble and light weight fills.

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